About us

Your comfort and peace
of mind is our ultimate goal.

Working in a close-knit, interdisciplinary team of professionals, every day, we are looking for solutions and ways to improve the comfort of our clients’ life.

With extensive experience and insightful knowledge of the real estate industry, we understand the needs and problems of residents, landlords, and tenants. While designing and providing our services, we are guided by the constant desire to implement your expectations.

Our mission

Through comprehensive real estate services in Wielkopolska [Greater Poland], we want to improve the residential comfort of our clients. Thanks to partner relations with residents, we create a platform for exchanging insights and ideas that enhance the quality of everyday life.

Our goal

Continuously improving the quality of all our services, developing the competence of the property managers and gaining current industry knowledge, we want to become the leader of the property management market in Wielkopolska [Greater Poland] - both in the residential and usable area.

Our development

When over 15 years ago, we started the real estate work, we took care of only a few buildings located in Swarzędz. To this day, we work for over 3.000 residents from the entire Poznań district.