Offer for developers

Management and servicing
of property development investments

We provide comprehensive real estate services
at the implementation stage.

We run a useful and well thought-out management policy for properties that are in the early stages of construction. We relieve investors from the obligations related to the commencement of the use of flats by new owners.

Proper management

from the very beginning.

We know how important the role of the ADM [building administration, property management] is to play in the initial period of the existence of the property and how the decisions made in this period will affect the functioning of the community in the future.

In the face of this knowledge, we operate in a strategic manner and full cooperation with the developer.

Initial activities

Initial activities in the primary stage of collaboration for our duties will include meticulous preparation of contracts for real estate services and further care for their proper implementation.

Transfer of the apartment

Transfer of the apartment, as well, as we participate in the reception of the premises, providing them with the original Handbook (Vademecum), with contact details to the ADM [building administration, property management] and basic principles of the housing community. We prepare and provide specimen statements on the state of counters as of the day of the notarial deed – to be completed by the owners.

Establishment of a community

Establishment of a community after the formalization of the first notarial act of sale of the apartment, we register the housing community and organize the first community meeting, at which the community takes the necessary ordinances.



Experienced staff

Our employees are qualified industry experts with many years of experience and have all the necessary qualifications.

A good start

As part of our service, we deal with formalities related to transferring the flat to new owners.

Cost optimization

Management strategic activities are focused on the most effective use of community resources.

Tailor-made management

We treat each community individually, tailoring activities specifically to its needs and requirements.

Community formalities

We carry out all activities necessary for the proper functioning of the housing community.

Legal support

The internal staff of lawyers offers support to communities - including, if appropriate, to collect the debt.

Cooperation with the best

We operate in close consultation with leading entities in the construction, maintenance, repair, and technical industries.

Know-how management

We advise on crucial decisions for efficient and comfortable functioning of the building for residents.

Contract transparency

Everyday work is based on trust and partnership relations with our clients, which is why we care about the clarity of mutual arrangements.



What actions are included in the service for developers?

Before starting the operation of the community, our activities will focus on the following actions:

  • preparation of an agreement with premises users, which regulate the principles and amounts of calculations in the period from the receipt of an apartment to finalizing the notarial formalities,
  • providing the developer with specifications on the basis of which flat-rate fees are issued.

Next, in the subsequent stages, the following activities are carried out:

  • contracts for real estate services and an individual Handbook (Vademecum) are being prepared – dedicated brochure for the developer’s clients with practical information about the community,
  • participation in the reception of premises, during which necessary documents are transferred – including statements with counter statuses on the day of the notarial deed,
  • current contact with residents, including the receipt of fault reports regarding common parts and premises,
  • arrangement of the first meeting and establishment and registration of the community; adoption of resolution orders.

What do I gain by choosing your service?

According to the opinions of our existing customers, members of our communities are especially pleased with the availability of our staff, which are available 24/7.

Also, our unpaid Customer Service Portal operating based on the well-known DOM5 system collects very positive opinions among residents of real estate that we have looked after. Thanks to it, through any device with an Internet connection, it is possible to control the status of the premises – including the exchange of correspondence with the manager, electronic voting on resolutions and settlement of liabilities through convenient online payments.

A full list of the benefits of choosing our services can be found above.

How much does the management service for a developer cost?

Due to the complexity and specificity of the service, we do not have a fixed price list. Each offer inquiry is handled individually, doing a personalized valuation that takes into account the needs and expectations of a specific entity.

Please send us a message using the contact form below to request a query about the management service for developers.



Please send us a message using the contact form below to request an inquiry about a management service for a housing community, lease management, or sale of premises.