Lease Management

Comprehensive care for
a rented property.

We support investment clients in the whole process of renting a flat, house, or usable space.

We represent owners who want to rent a property they own. We take over all duties related to searching for a tenant and servicing a rental, guaranteeing optimal and stable investment income, at the same time limiting the client’s involvement to a minimum.



Taking over the premises

Taking over the premises to prepare the calculation of expected revenues from the lease, compiling the preparation of the offer on the accommodation premises to develop marketing strategies, and seek advice regarding the tenant’s unit, prepare the premises for rent, draw-up handover protocol.

Searching for a tenant

Searching for a tenant to promote a tenancy, presentation of premises to potential tenants, verification of the tenant in financial and personal terms, preparation of a lease agreement for the owner to accept, signing a lease agreement with the tenant, handing over the tenant’s premises based on the handover protocol.

Lease service

Lease service, receipt, and verification of payments from tenants and responding to delays, and settlement of property maintenance fees, regular control visits in the premises, contact with tenants also in emergencies, organization of necessary repairs and renovations, communication with the owner, cyclical reporting.

With us, your property
is safe.

Our many years of experience and professional staff of licensed managers guarantee non-problematic and optimal profit from your investment in real estate for lease.

Peace of mind and no effort

The need for constant control of the contract – including the timeliness of payments, organization or state housing repairs – costing a measurable amount of time, work, and effort. By choosing a lease management service in Resideo, you exclude yourself from troublesome duties and responsibilities.

Optimally and without interruptions

Due to the specificity of a housing lease, which is characterized by the periodic turnover of residents, we assume the duties of finding a new tenant in the event of moving out the previous one – without charging additional fees for this activity. We verify each new tenant in terms of financial capacity and credibility, ensuring the security of your resources.

Nothing can take us by surprise

During the entire process of searching for and selecting a tenant and managing a lease, you’ll receive reports and statements from us that verify our work, as well, as we’ll leave you a choice regarding strategic decisions on how to proceed with rented premises.

No small print

We believe that good partner relations are built through transparency and trust. The price list of our services is straightforward and transparent – in the case of a rental fee of up to 1.000 PLN, it is 100 PLN, above this rent amount – 10% of its value. In the event of a temporary lack of a tenant, we do not charge for our services.



Who is the lease management service for?

Lease management is a service that is directed to clients who own investment flats who want to save their time and minimize their efforts in servicing a rental.

What actions are included in the service?

We carry out a three-stage service process, which begins with the preparation of the premises for rent (both simple matters as well as in terms of its equipment).

Then, we are looking for a tenant through the promotion of the lease offer and the presentation of the premises to potential tenants, whom we verify in terms of financial and personnel. With the tenants selected by you, we sign a formal contract and transfer the premises based on the delivery and acceptance protocol.

Finally, during the active lease period, we deal with all current administration matters – we verify payments from tenants, and if necessary, we carry out a debt collection procedure, periodic inspections, manage emergencies and repairs.

Throughout the service process, we have constant contact with the owner, reporting our activities, and consulting critical decisions.

I want to start investing in a rental property. Can you search for an apartment with excellent investment potential for me?

For those who want to start an investment activity on the real estate market for rent, we offer a comprehensive service containing – in addition to full lease management – searching for and assisting in the purchase of premises (from the secondary or primary market) attractive in the perspective of the future tenant.

What do I gain by choosing your service?

Our clients appreciate, above all, measurable time gains. Thanks to us, they are not burdened with the need to control the apartment and respond to the typical problems in the industry – arrears in fees, breakdowns, and maintenance as well as searching for a new tenant in the event of moving out the previous.

Also, thanks to a highly qualified team of specialists with over 15 years of experience, we guarantee our clients the security of their capital invested in real estate, as well as the optimal income from such investment.

How much does the rental management service cost?

Our transparent and clear price list is as follows: in the case of a monthly rent of up to 1.000 PLN, the service fee is 100 PLN, over 1.000 PLN, the rent for the lease is 10% of the monthly rent.
During the transitional period between the moving out of one tenant, and the search for and the introduction of another tenant, we do not charge any fees for the service. Also, all costs associated with the search for a new tenant are also on our side.



Dear All, we invite you to contact our lease management experts. We will be more than happy to assist you with all inquires regarding ongoing lease management services or new offers.


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Lease management

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Lease management

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Lease management accountant

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